While AI is focusing on turning machine into
super humans…
160 Billion of machines
Just want to do a better job


Join us on this huge market opportunity
Become a Cartesiam Business Partner

The are already
in the race… how about you ?

NanoEdge AI Studio
By Cartesiam

What is NanoEdge AI Studio ?
NanoEdge AI Studio is a super Edge Computing Datascientist that is revolutionizing the way artificial intelligence is embedded in all types of equipment, industrial or personal. In just a few hours, it directly downloads the right algorithm among hundreds of millions, within the microcontroller that controls the objects to make them intelligent.

Can all companies use NanoEdge AI Studio?
The answer is Yes! NanoEdge AI Studio can be use by all compagny, small, midium and major.
If you are developping IoT solutions for your customers…
If your customers are expecting for smart objets…
NanoEdge AI Studio is made for you !

Some of the advantages of NanoEdge AI Studio
Very low cost
100% compatible with existing hardware
Fast and easy to use
No data set requirements
No dependence on the cloud
Data security
No need for AI knowledge
No need for datascientist
Energy Saving
No structural resilience

Some about the microcontroller market

15 billion microcontrollers sold each year (500 per second)
The most persuasive hardware platform on the market
Lower power consumption
The perfect place to bring intelligence to the edge

What are the
Benefits to be a partner?


1. You become a NanoEdge AI Studio User and you shape libraries for AI objets


By purchasing a Deploy license of NanoEdge AI Studio, you can copy and use the ML library on volumes of devices/objects

2. Hundred or thousand objets have been solde, thanks to the library that you or your customer have embedded.


With NanoEdge AI Studio, you can feet the perfect library for your customer or for your own products

3. We offer you royalties at the best price to deploy libraries in objets


The  price dicrease with the volume

4. Depending of your own business model, Cartesiam will pay you 10 to 30% of its royalties

We deploy a winning business model winning at all levels

NanoEdge™ AI studio