Our clients are
upgrading their solutions
thanks to Nanoedge AI

We thought long and hard about our business model,
and decided to share our technology
as broadly as possible.
This is why we are not selling sensors and devices.
We are a development platform helping
anyone who has a solution
using Microcontrollers to embark AI…
without the need to hire mathematicians and PHDs.
We have done the work for you !

Maintenance for Industry 4.0

Maintenance for Industry 4.0

Eolane designed Bob™, with NanoEdge AI by Cartesiam, the first stand alone maintenance assistant that can makes sense of how an engine is running without the need of a Cloud.

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Visitor flow management

Visitor flow management

With Nano-edge AI by Cartesiam, SmartMat is the first tactile surface integrating all the technologies needed for the analysis of bi-directional pedestrian flow, in a 5 mm/0.2 inches thick layer.

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Other solutions under development

Other solutions under development

We are currently working with clients in Europe and North America to develop new products or enable them to bring new machine learning capabilities to existing solutions.

What about you ? What about you ?