Illustration de flux
                de visiteurs

Visitor flow

With Nano-edge AI by Cartesiam, SmartMat is the first tactile surface integrating all the technologies needed for the analysis of bi-directional pedestrian flows, in a 5 mm/0.2 inches thick layer.

Managing the flow of people in a community, a transportation authority, a trade show or a building requires human efforts of counting or monitoring.

Illustration de flux de
                    detecteur de passage


It’s not always easy to install a complex and expensive device such as a camera and in some case it may even create privacy issues. This is why our Team has designed a solution that enables simple counting without expensive infrastructure.

Passage de personnes sur le tapis


Smartmat counts and analyzes pedestrian flows thanks to nanoedge AI by Cartesiam. Now installed in a number of locations Smartmat is used by clients such as Bouygues or the French Army to manage queues, anticipate crowd movements or even control access. And all this but just putting Smartmat on the ground and it immediately starts working.

Tennis French Open

Orange was missioned by the French Tennis Federation to provide insights about visitors movements in the Stadium and side courts.

The tournament organizers wanted to have a better understanding of waiting lines as well as traffic within the stadium in order to improve safety and service.

Tennis French Open

Throughout the two weeks of the tournament, SmartMats were deployed across the facility, providing an accuracy at above 99%.

Data provided by Smartmat and aggregated on the Administration console by Orange TM enabled the French Tennis Federation to better understand and anticipate visitors flows.