Edge's new frontier :
NanoEdge AI TM by Cartesiam

Install NanoEdge AI by Cartesiam on your microcontrollers and get immediate access to the power of embedded artificial intelligence.

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The promise of
the edge

The promise of the "Edge" is to be able to process data on the periphery of the network, far from the data centers. Cartesiam innovates and pushes intelligence to the edge, directly into your objects or devices.

NanoEdge AI By

To achieve this feat, our mathematicians have designed and developed NanoEdge AI (™) a set of Machine Learning algorithms to understand and exploit the data in microcontrollers, directly where the data is generated.

Edge versus Cloud


Machine Learning is the ability of a machine to learn autonomously, to adapt to situations and to evolve on its own. NanoEdge AI (™) by Cartesiam thus works in a completely autonomous way, and allows to bring machine learning directly into your microcontroller.


The vast majority of solutions currently integrating AI go through frameworks, (on premise or in SAAS) such as TensorFlow, Theano, Torch, Caffe, mxnet, CNTK, etc. To work, all these tools require microprocessors that consume considerable energy, space at a significant cost.

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What makes us

Our technologies are exclusively developed in our R&D department in France NanoEdge AI, 100% issued from our R&D, is a technology that fuels many solutions. For several years, a team of PhDs and developers specializing in signal processing, artificial intelligence and mathematics, all based in France, has been working on our NanoEdge AI technology. They want to make this artificial intelligence framework on microcontrollers the undeniable reference within the market for artificial intelligence development platforms.