For the second year in a row, Cartesiam has been identified in the « Gartner Hype Cycle 2020 for Semiconductors and Electronic Technologies » in the Edge AI category.

Cartesiam, a B2B software publisher specializing in artificial intelligence embedded in microcontrollers, announces that, for the second year in a row, it has been identified as one of the top vendors in the “Gartner Hype Cycle for Semiconductors and Electronic Technologies, 2020“, in the “Edge AI“ category.

For Gartner Group, manufacturers must quickly invest in this type of “new generation“ technology, an emerging category for which Cartesiam is now an undisputed world leader.

Paris, July 17th 2020:  Each year, the prestigious Gartner Group publishes its Hype Cycle. This eagerly awaited report makes technology maturity models more accessible and describes the major trends that will have a strong impact on businesses. The latest version focuses on semiconductors and electronic technologies. It places Edge AI as an emerging technology that generates innovation.

This Hype Cycle charts the progress and potential of embedded software and system technologies. The information in the report should be used to select the best tools, software, hardware, messaging, security and communications systems as they become the core building blocks for the Internet of Things

Cartesiam: The only company uniquely dedicated to Edge AI  Software among the major players listed by Gartner Group.

Cartesiam is the only pure software player listed as a vendor among the 5 other companies identified of which arm or STMicroelectronics.  Cartesiam’s very innovative technology, NanoEdge™ AI Studio, is an Integrated Development Environment launched during Embedded World 2020 on Feb 25th, 2020.

Innovate and improve productivity

For Gartner Group, there is an increasing demand to analyze and interpret data locally with embedded AI/ML. Virtually all major MCU vendors have expanded their toolchain to include compilers, model conversion tools, libraries and application samples (such as object and gesture recognition) to enable embedded AI.

NanoEdgeâ„¢ AI Studio is the only Integrated Development Environment capable of generating libraries performing both learning and inference directly on any Cortex M microcontrollers.

Cartesiam has developed NanoEdge AI Studio, an intuitive software tool that allows system designers using Arm®-based low-power microcontrollers to quickly, easily, and inexpensively integrate machine-learning algorithms directly into a broad range of applications including connected devices, household appliances, and industrial machines. The software enables on-device learning of a nominal behavior and detection of any variation of this behavior, even in a complex environment. This capability makes the solution particularly well suited for anomaly detection in predictive maintenance, anti-fraud detection and security markets.

An essential condition to the success of IoT

“Being identified in the Gartner Hype Cycle 2019 and 2020 as one of the top vendors for the Edge AI technology is a great honor and fantastic recognition for the Cartesiam team. Our technology is the result of several years of research and development where we rewrote, from algebra, all machine learning algorithms and signal processing algorithms so that they could run in a tiny environment such as microcontrollers.” comments Joel Rubino, CEO and co-founder of Cartesiam.

He adds, “We created NanoEdgeâ„¢ AI Studio, a new generation Machine Learning IDE to make our technology widely available to embedded developers so that they easily develop and integrate Machine Learning functions into any object. There is no equivalent offer on the market which explains this recognition by Gartner Group and our rapid international expansion with a variety of innovative clients use cases “. 

 About Cartesiam

Founded in 2016, Cartesiam is a software publisher whose mission is to develop artificial intelligence solutions on ubiquitous, low-cost, low-power microcontrollers. Cartesiam’s patented AI development platform, NanoEdge AI, enables cognitive functions (machine learning) on microcontrollers embedded in connected objects. Whatever the industry, Cartesiam brings immeasurable benefits to its customers involved in projects integrating microcontrollers: simplicity of deployment, secure environment, rich analysis and reduced power consumption.  Co-founded by Marc Dupaquier, François de Rochebouët, Michel and Joël Rubino, Cartesiam’s R&D and corporate headquarters is located in Toulon, France, with business operations based in Paris and New York.

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Paris and Montréal-la-Cluse on June 25, 2020:  Thanks to its partnership with Cartesiam, Vaperail’s products will detect abnormal behaviors more easily and will meet the requirements of predictive maintenance even more effectively.  “The digitalization of processes is already in the DNA of Vapérail, which creates added value by connecting the railway infrastructure. With this partnership, we are improving our offer. We are going to design, prototype and manufacture products with high added value” explains Stéphane Brunet, CEO of Vapérail.

For Joel Rubino, CEO of Cartesiam “Our goal is to provide our customers with a development environment, NanoEdgeâ„¢ AI Studio, specifically designed for embedded developers and enabling them to address the challenges of predictive maintenance, fraud detection and security in a simple, fast and cost-effective way. Vapérail has been able to test and compare our solution and we are delighted that Vapérail products can now leverage our embedded AI technology to create innovative predictive maintenance solutions”.

Edge A.I. and Railway Industry 4.0

By deploying objects in harsh environments, Vapérail faces communication and transmission obstacles. Therefore, analyzing data at the “Edge”, closest to the track, i.e. exactly where a signal becomes data, makes even more sense in the railway industry than anywhere else. “Artificial intelligence applied directly to each connected object will boost our expertise in data capture,” continues Stéphane Brunet. Indeed, the reactivity in data collection and management sets Vapérail on the road to optimized efficiency: control of time, costs, technologies and environmental issues.

The alliance of rail and artificial intelligence “at the Edge”.

The IOT marks a turning point for the rail industry. By bringing their expertise together, Cartesiam and Vapérail will lead the way in the future of rail development.  With Cartesiam, Vapérail takes a strategic leap forward in the deployment of connected solutions adapted to tomorrow’s market. Vapérail, a market visionary, once again proves its ability to combine industrial solidity and digital agility.


Vapérail, a “pure player” in railway infrastructure, combines the visionary responsiveness of a start-up with the solid know-how of an industrial. Vapérail was created in 1978 at the launch of TGV, the French High speed train. SNCF tasked Vaperail with the mission to develop a concrete fastening solution that would meet the required specifications for high-speed trains.

Since inception, Vapérail has been a pioneer in the implementation of digital solutions for the track and is for example a contributor to the Digital Open Lab in collaboration with SNCF. All these activities are driven by a permanent approach and a team dedicated to innovation within a dedicated space : the LAB

About Cartesiam

Founded in 2016, Cartesiam is a software publisher specializing in artificial intelligence development tools for microcontrollers. NanoEdge AIâ„¢ Studio, Cartesiam’s patented development environment, allows any embedded developer, without any prior knowledge of AI, to develop specialized machine learning libraries for microcontrollers.  Whatever the industry, Cartesiam enables its customers to integrate the promise of AI into their solutions in a fast, simple and inexpensive way, while building on their existing resources.  Co-founded by Marc Dupaquier, François de Rochebouët, Michel and Joël Rubino, Cartesiam has its headquarters and R&D  in Toulon, France, and sales activities in Paris, Munich and New York. For more information, visit

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