When the intelligent cloud meets with the intelligent edge !

Cartesiam Award-winning technology NanoEdge™ AI Studio is now fully available on Microsoft Azure Sphere.

It allows developer, without data-science skills and complex dataset, to easily create a dynamic machine learning library to be integrated into the main program running on any arm cortex M microcontroller.

Learning and inference at the Edge has never been so simple.

Try it out for free and download the trial version of your choice !

NanoEdge™ AI Library with Azure Sphere
in five easy steps

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Create your NanoEdge™ AI Library

Use NanoEdge™ AI Studio to build your customized NanoEdge™ AI Library

Add a sensor

Select a sensor (or even multiple sensors) to dynamically capture relevant data on your Azure Sphere development kit.

Link NanoEdge™ AI Library

Get the best library (out of 500 million possible combinations) and then link your NanoEdge™ AI Library in your Azure Sphere development kit.

Run Machine Learning

Run machine learning at the Edge (both learning and inference) to easily detect anomalies.

Nano Edge Ai on Microcontroller

Build your IoT app in Azure IoT Hub

Securely transmit your insights to your Azure IoT Hub using the results of the NanoEdge™ IA library and benefit from a complete end-to-end security tunnel from silicon to cloud.

NanoEdge™ AI Library with Azure Sphere
In action

NanoEdge™ AI Library
Optimized for microcontrollers
Run on any arm© cortex M
Low RAM footprint
As low as 2Kb
Low latency
16ms inference,
cortex M4 80Mhz
Static allocation
Stack preserved and
no dynamic allocation
Floating Point Unit
Compatible with FPU
Hardware MCU
Learning at the Edge
Iterative learning in 30ms
cortex M4 80Mhz

NanoEdge™ AI studio